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Leonova Natal'ya Alekseevna, Candidate of biological sciences, associate professor, sub-department of biology and biochemistry, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. The forest-steppe complex for a long time has been subjected to anthropogenic impacts. Investigations of the modern vegetation cover of the area will enable to reveal a degree of degradation of biocenosis and to develop evidence-based measures for their recovery.
Materials and methods. The research was carried out in the south of Penza region. The study of the floristic composition and structure of broadleaf forests was carried out at block and stationary plots of 100 m2. The structural diversity of communities was assessed by the ratio of ecologic-coenotic groups of species in the vegetation cover composition.
Results. Communities with dominance in the stand – Quercus robur, Acer platanoides, Tilia cordata – predominate in the model area. In the group of formations of broadleaf forests the author identified the following groups of associations: nemoral broadleaved forests, deciduous nitrofitno-nemoral forests, broadleaf meadow nemoral forest. The floristic composition and structure of broadleaf forests of the regional south were analyzed.
Conclusions. Modern forests in the model area remain on the slopes of beams in floodplains and in very small plots in the watershed surfaces usually only near settlements. All plant communities are violated and are in various stages of succession. A significant part of meadow and steppe marge species is recorded as a part of forest communities of the south of Penza region.

Key words

forest-steppe, forest vegetation, ecologic-coenotic groups.

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